Our Story

Twigs Falmouth is located in the heart of the Village in Falmouth, MA, specializing in unique gifts, jewelry, home décor, accessories and artisan made crafts.

Our Twigs Falmouth story began on a cool autumn day in 2014 with a cup of coffee and a Google search.  We were looking for an opportunity to change careers and do something that would involve "less stress", more creativity, and the chance to grow a business on our own terms.  We weren’t exactly sure which direction to look in so the Google search simply said, “established businesses for sale”.   We didn’t have any pre-conceived ideas of what we wanted to do so we figured we’d let fate offer us some choices.  Three short months later we became the proud owners of our very own retail store.  It was in a cute town on Cape Cod.  It was near the ocean.  It was over an hour away from where we were both raising our families.  It was near the ocean.  We would make it work!

As we head into our seventh season, we reflect on how far the journey has taken us.  We learned how to buy and manage inventory.  We learned the importance of merchandising to sell products.  We have implemented two different computer systems.  We survived a renovation. We are part of a business community in Falmouth village that is supportive and welcoming.  We have worked with some amazing people and met wonderful customers and vendors that we now call our friends.  Most importantly, we have shared this process with our families who help us everyday, both in front and behind the scenes.  And yet, we still feel there is so much more ahead. 

We are so excited to have launched our online store in the hopes of sharing Twigs with people near and far.  People often remark that we have become a “must see” destination when they visit Cape Cod and for that we have so much gratitude.  We often talk about the wonderful people that visit our store and share their stories with us.  In return, we will continue to search for the most unique and interesting items to share with you.  That is what makes it all worth it!

 Be well,

 Elissa & Martha

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